November Leslie’s Lane: Jobs, FREE Stuff, Veterans Discounts!

Tony & Leslie Prepare to Begin Savannah Half Marathon

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Wow!  It is so difficult to believe that we are at the end of 2012 and it is November already!  I really like this month’s Leslie’s Lane!  Can you be sure to forward it to individuals that are looking for jobs?  I’ve got great info on more than 30 airlines in which they can apply as well as great info on getting department store warehouse jobs for the holidays and beyond.  I’ve got much more!  I especially like that I have some professional job leads for individuals in specialty positions.  I am particularly impressed by Congressman Hank Johnson’s website (Hank’s Job’s Page) that focuses exclusively on jobs for us!  Please check out!
Please enjoy Leslie’s Lane and have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Leslie E. Royal
Leslie’s Stroll Down Memory Lane
An Introspective View of the Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon and Half Marathon
Wow!  How Great is Our God!  I am simply amazed by His goodness!  I just thank Him for blessing me!  I just completed the Rock n Roll Savannah  Half Marathon in Savannah, Georgia this past weekend!  The half marathon is 13.1 miles.  Since I am not a runner, I briskly walked the entire way!  How cool is that!
I want to send a special Shout Out to Dan T. Cathy, the president of Chick-fil-A, Inc.  Tony and I came down with our Chick-fil-A Fit to Lead Wellness Group.  Dan treated our group the entire weekend with a Victory Celebration Dinner at the Chart House on Friday Night, Dessert Reception at our Hotel afterwards, gifts bags loaded with snacks and breakfast for the race, a Victory Brunch at Vic’s on the River after the race and Trolley Rides to and from everything over the weekend!  Thank you so very much Dan for your kindness.  Special thanks to the entire Wellness Team at Chick-fil-A for rolling out the red carpet and treating us so well over the weekend!  You are simply the Best!

Many of us may reminisce over how good God has been to us and just where he’s brought us from!  But have you ever literally strolled down memory lane for more than three hours in your old neighborhoods?  Well…… being a native of Savannah, I had the distinct opportunity to do just that!  I became a little misty-eyed as I trekked through Savannah.  As I walked down each street and turned each corner, memories flashed before me from when I was a little girl and teenager.  I took photos of several of the special milestone places in my life.

The race started on Bay Street, we crossed the bridge/viaduct and came upon a restaurant that was once a KFC.  That is where I worked my first job and met my husband to be!  We turned up Jenks Street and soon passed by the street of Tony’s maternal grandmother – Mama Erma.  We came up Augusta Avenue as I recollected walking that street to Jackson Store for candy.  We passed Comer Street at the railroad track where my mom and her siblings grew up.  I paused for a moment and just let my imagination run away from me….

I went back 35 years to sitting with my beloved granddaddy, Jesse Dukes, on his porch on Comer Street as we watched the Seaboard Coastline (now CSX) trains pass by.  I just imagined that a man with the gift of prophecy would walk up and point to little 10-year old Leslie and say, “Mr. Dukes, when your granddaughter grows up, she will marry a man whose family lives right around the corner and he will operate the 1st and 1,000th Chick-fil-A restaurant and by the way, Chick-fil-A will be a billion dollar company.”  I can see granddaddy looking over his glasses and speaking like a southern gentleman who really doesn’t believe what the person is saying but is too polite to say so.  He would say, “You mean the restaurant in the Oglethorpe Mall that sells chicken sandwiches without the bone?  Izz that right?”

The person would continue….. “She is going to write on just about any and every subject for several premier African American publications in America and they will pay her by the word.”  Granddaddy would then say… “I know my Messy has a lot to say, but I can’t imagine anyone paying her a dime to say it!”  Granddaddy gave many of his grandchildren nicknames.  William is Billy, Sylathia is Sissie, Henry is Goatman, Natalie is Boot, David is Milkman and I am Messy!  Now, I have no idea how I came by that name, but he sure named me right!  I am nothing short of a REALLY “Hot Mess”!  But I digress……..

The person would finally say….. “In 2012, the first African-American president, named Barack Hussein Obama, will be running for re-election and she will be on a conference call in October with him and other People of Faith.  Granddaddy would say, “Son, do you need to lie down?  You must have hit your head.  There is no way a black person would be president that soon and my Messy would not be on a conference call with him!”

Tony and I are just so blessed that God took us from our roots in Savannah and placed us where we are in Atlanta!  It is just so unbelievable to me!  It’s really quite baffling!  He has blessed us indeed!  Oh!  BTW, on the contrary, if a person said that to my beautiful mother, Lizzie Dukes Guess, she would have said to the first, “That’s Right”.  To the second, “That’s Right” and to last, “What!  You mean SHE’S NOT PRESIDENT!”  

I finally picked up my pace a little as we traveled through other areas of Savannah.  I think that I am the first person ever to turn a half marathon into a “guided tour and strolling party”!  I stopped to dance with the rock bands, high school steppers and rap groups.  I slowed up to applaud the cheerleaders and young man playing a bagpipe.  I paused to commend the groups that were singing and performing for us!  I just had a good time!

Oh!  And I want to thank my hometown residents for their hospitality!  Many people in the neighborhoods came out to cheer us on!  Residents offered us lemonade, scones, donuts and LOTS and LOTS of encouragement!  So many different cultures and races were out there cheering us on!  They really made us feel quite special!  

As I walked the 13.1 miles, when I tired, I thought of Pastor Philip Nash’s, my fellow Berean Christian Church member’s, words of encouragement to me, “the race is not given to the swift, nor to the strong, but to the one who endures until the end”.  When I got weary, I quietly celebrated how far God has brought me over the 45 years of my life.  When my legs slowed, I fed on the AWESOME energy of all of the neighbors, volunteers and organizers on the sidelines cheering us on!  And I thought this is what life is all about!  Serving God and loving, supporting and encouraging one another!

I walked the half marathon and could have completed it in three hours and ten minutes.  But it took me 40 minutes longer because I wanted to soak it all in.  It was so nice to take my time and as the old hymn writer said, “take inventory of my life”.  I have come to the distinct conclusion!  Lord…. you’ve been good to me!

Thanks again Dan for treating us to such an awesome weekend!  Thanks Savannah for your warm hospitality!  Special thanks to each of you – my beautiful family, friends, sorority sisters and church members!  Your support, kindness and encouragement mean more to me that you will ever know!  I look forward to many races in the years to come – both literally and figuratively!  As for the next 45 years, and in the words of the songwriter, “I believe I’ll run on see what the end is going to be, something at the end is waiting for me!”

May God richly bless you and your family!


Leslie E. Royal


They are back by popular demand!  It’s The Famous Chick-fil-A Cow Calendars!
They are on sale in each of the restaurants!  Please remember….. Chick-fil-A at Turner Hill Road has plenty of cases of calendars for your Fund-Raising Drive this year!  Please call 678.526.0088
Royal T-Bones

The 2013 Chick-fil-A Cow Calendar

The Chick-fil-A Cow Calendar is both an annual tradition and a new opportunity to see what those renegade cows will do next in their never-ending battle against burgers. The themes may have changed – from ” The Cows of Reality TV ” to ” Trail Grazers” to this year’s edition: “Royal T-Bones” – but the cows’ message has always been the same: eat more chicken.

For the first time in history, Chick-fil-A Calendar coupons have gone digital. These 12-month masterpieces include a promotional Calendar Card redeemable once per month throughout 2013 and entitles you to one free menu item every month!

Employment Opportunities with The Chick-fil-A Corporation – the Best Company in the World!
Thanks to my beautiful sister Sylathia for this one!
She says we can get great deals on accessories and things for our cell phone on this site!
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!!!!
I want to send a special Shout Out to my Berean Cousin Earl Moton who inspired me to cut out unnecessary spending like having two land lines in my house (I’m down to one) and for using free faxes through the Internet rather than a dedicated fax line.  Please check out this link:
EMO Financial Services, Inc. has provided the best in insurance, annuity, and retirement services for over 20 years. We continue to give our best to “The Best” (Our Clients) in assisting them in reaching their financial goals. Let us help you and your family reach yours!
Hey!  How would you like to fly for FREE and get paid!  Why not work for an airline?
Links to more than 30 applications for baggage handler –
Frontier Airlines Careers –
Employment with Department Store Warehouses in Atlanta
Is’t it great to care for and counsel others?  And then get paid for it!
Georgia Department of Human Resources –
National Association of Social Workers Job Listings –
Georgia Department of Human Services –
I am so excited about the new Twilight Movie coming out November 15!  Antasha and I have already purchased our tickets for the marathon that day!  We’ll be at the Mall at Stonecrest for the 11:30 a.m. screening of the first Twilight and will watch them all in one day!  How cool is that!  Tony says he’ll join us for the screening of the new movie that night!  We would love to see you there!  Please click on this link!  Also, if you join the AMC stubs program, you get all kinds of free stuff and great perks!
Awesome FREEbies and Discounts for Our Nation’s Veterans!
Special thanks to my future sister-in-law for this great info!

Just sharing information….. from Tonya Sanford

Veterans Day: Discounts and Freebies

Each year businesses honor veterans and service members, as well as their families, with Veterans Day discounts on goods, services, and dining.

Keep in mind that most businesses require proof of military service, which can include a VA Universal Access Card, Military I.D., DD-214 (Discharge Papers), Veterans Service Organization Card (VSO’s include groups like the VFW, DAV, AmVets, MOAA, FRA, and the American Legion), or in some cases businesses will accept a picture of the veteran in uniform.

The following is a list of 2012 Veteran and military discounts and Buy One Get One (BOGO) offerings. This year’s offerings even include some honest-to-goodness free meals.

Note: Not all franchise locations participate in their national chain’s Veterans Day programs — be sure contact your nearest establishment to make sure they are participating.

[This list will be updated as more businesses announce their 2012 Veterans Day offerings]

Veterans Day Restaurant Offerings:

7-Eleven – Offers will be offering veterans and service members a free small slurpee on Sunday Nov. 11, 2012.

Applebee’s – All Veterans and active duty military eat free from a limited menu at Applebee’s on Veterans Day (Nov. 11).

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse – On Monday, November 11, 2012 BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse will offer veterans and service members will be able to get a free lunch entree or a one-topping mini or individual pizza. Click here to find a location near you.

Chili’s – Veterans and active duty dine for free from a special limited seven-item menu from 11am – 5pm on Veterans Day.

Famous Dave’s — Free or discounted meals on Veterans Day. Offer varies by location. Click here for list of locations and specific offerings.

Golden Corral – Golden Corral Restaurants’ Military Appreciation Monday free dinner will be available on Monday November 12, from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Military retirees, Veterans, active duty, National Guard and Reserves are all welcome.

Hooters – All Veterans and active duty get 10 Free Boneless Wings with the purchase of a drink.

Krispy Kreme – All active-duty, retirees & Veterans get a free doughnut and small coffee on Veterans Day. Be sure to call ahead to verify your local Krispy Kreme is participating.

Little Caesars® Pizza – Little Caesars will honor members – past and present – of the armed forces on Monday Nov. 12, 2012, by providing veterans and active military members with a free Crazy Bread® with proof of military status or proof of service at participating stores nationwide.

Lone Star Steakhouse – On Monday, 11/12/2012, all veterans and active duty military will receive a FREE entrée from our Stars & Stripes Menu. See your local restaurant for details. Be sure to call ahead to verify local participation. Be sure to call ahead to verify local participation.

Max and Erma’s – On Veterans Day, Sunday, November 11, participating Max & Erma’s locations are saluting veterans and active military personnel with a freeBest Cheeseburger in America Combo.

McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants – On November 11, participating McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants offer a complimentary entree to vets from a special menu on a space available basis, online reservations are highly recommended. Be sure to contact your local McCormick & Schmick’s to ensure they are participating.

O’Charley’s – O’Charley’s will thank veterans and active duty military personnel, celebrating their service, by providing them with a complimentary meal on Monday, November 12. With their military I.D. or other proof of service, servicemen and women will receive their choices of meal from the O’Charley’s “$9.99er” menu.

Outback Steakhouse – The week of November 11th- 12th, Outback will be offering Veterans and service members a Free Bloomin’ Onion and Cocoa-Cola product (non-alcoholic) beverage. In addition, Outback is offering all military service members and veterans who present a proper ID* or a photo in uniform, will receive a 10% discount off their entire guest check. 

Sizzler Steak House – Veterans and service members can get a free lunch on Monday Nov. 12, 2012 until 4:00pm. The limited menu includes 3 entrees – 6 oz. Steak, Malibu Chicken, or a Half Dozen Fried Shrimp. Click here to check if your local restaurant is offering the Veterans Day freebie.

T.G.I. Friday’s – Veterans and Service members can get a free lunch on Monday Nov. 12, 2012. Contact your nearest location for more details on their Veterans Day offer.

The Olive Garden – Veterans and service members can get a free entrée choice from a special menu. The entrée choices include garlic bread sticks and choice of soup or salad. The offer is good on Sunday Nov. 11, 2012 at locations in both US and Canada.

Texas Roadhouse – Texas Roadhouse locations – nationwide – will offer veterans a free lunch on Monday Nov. 12, 2012. Choose from one of 10 free meals, plus sides and a drink. Offer good for ALL veterans – including all active, retired or former U.S. military.

UNO Chicago Grill – Veterans and active military members can get a free entrée or individual pizza with the purchase of an entrée or pizza of equal or greater value. This offer is good from Sunday, November 11 through Monday, November 12. Military ID or proof of service is required, but no coupon is needed.

Veterans Day Travel and Recreation:

Aqua Hotels & Resorts – 10% off for veterans.

Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, US Virgin Islands – Active and retired military get 30% off room-only rates and $150 in island credits. The offer is available on a minimum four-night stay between November 1 and November 30, 2012, subject to availability.

JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa – Special rates for members of the military and first responders for stays beginning Veterans Day (November 11) through January 3, 2013. Active duty and retired members of the military are asked to request the Salute to Service rate (rate code: GOV) when they make their room reservations at or by calling the toll-free telephone number, 866-882-4420. A military or service I.D. is required at check-in.

Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort – Active and retired military receive special rates and discounts on golf and amenities from November 8 – 11, including resort hotel room discounts, discounts off golf packages, and discounts on beach and umbrella rentals.

Veterans Day Retailer Offerings:

AARP Driver Safety – Get a free AARP Driver Safety classroom course or 50% off an online course.

Banana Republic – Veterans, military personnel and their families can get 50 percent off three full-priced items from November 12-15. Service members, veterans and families who shop at Banana Republic on November 13 also can participate in special events geared towards helping veterans find jobs, including interview and resume tips from an HR expert, styling advice and refreshments.

Grace for Vets – Car washes from around the world who join this program offer free car washes to veterans and service members on November 11.

Home Depot  – Offers a 10 percent discount to all Veterans during Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day. Home Depot offers the 10 percent discount year round to for active duty and retirees.

Lowe’s – All Veterans receive the 10-percent discount on Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. The offer is available in stores only and is limited to in-stock and special-order purchases of up to $5,000.

Steve Madden – The shoe seller is doubling its everyday military discount for service members on Veterans Day, for a total 30 percent off all regular-priced merchandise. Bring a form of military identification (past or present) to a Steve Madden store.

Other Freebies:

National Parks – Veterans Day weekend (November 10-12) Veterans will be invited to visit over 100 National Parks for free.

Year-Round Veterans Discounts:

Foot Locker – Veterans, Service members (Active, Guard, and Reserve), and their immediate families with a Foot Locker Veterans Advantage Card receive a 20 percent discount every day of the year. That offer is good both online and at any store location, including Foot Locker, Lady Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Footaction and Champs Sports — even on sale items.

Home Depot  – Offers a 10 percent discount (up to a $500 maximum) to all active military, reserve, retired or disabled Veterans and their family members with a valid military ID. All other Veterans qualify for a 10 percent discount during Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day.

Lowe’s – Lowe’s offers a year-round 10 percent discount offer for all active duty, National Guard and Reserve, retirees and disabled Service members and their immediate families. All other Veterans receive the 10-percent discount on Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. The discount is available on in-stock and special-order purchases of up to $5,000. The offer can’t be used on sales at, on previous sales or on sales of services or gift cards. You must present a valid military I.D. card to receive the discount.


I really like the Country Inn and Suites Rewards Program
Don’t miss out – there is still time to earn a free night stay at Country Inns & Suites By CarlsonSM. Stay two or more consecutive nights in the U.S. or Canada, Sunday through Thursday, now through November 29, 2012, on the Free Night Fall promotion, and enjoy a free night in a standard room at participating Country Inns & Suites hotels later.Every time you complete an eligible stay this fall, you’ll receive a Free Night Fall Reward Certificate valid for one free night at participating Country Inns & Suites hotels in the U.S. and Canada between December 15, 2012 and February 15, 2013.Plus, enjoy all of our everyday amenities like free hot breakfast, now served on classic diningware, free high-speed Internet access and weekday morning newspaper.
Book the Free Night Fall rate today.
 Welcome to Getaway Country where you can save 35% on your stay when you book select hotels or by November 13, 2012, and stay two or more consecutive nights during specific dates between November 23, 2012 and February 2, 2013.
Thanks Ms. Bobbie!
(Fulton County Personnel Department)
Salary Range: E82  $97,205-$157,475
Bachelor’s degree (Master’s degree is desired, but not required) in human resources, business or public administration, or a related field; and seven (7) years progressively responsible experience in human resources, personnel management, or a related area, within a medium sized organization (at least 2,000 employees) including three (3) years supervisory experience; or, an equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties of the job such as those listed above.
Valid State of Georgia Driver’s License or proof of mobility equivalent may be requested.
Submit your resume online to the Royster Group at or you may contact the group at (770) 507-3353 ext. 109 to inquire about the position.
Please send email to   No phone calls
 Sales Admin Assistant – Northeast Atlanta/Norcross/Peachtree Industrial
The position will be an integral part of the Sales team at a promotional product marketing company.   The company is looking for a professional, energetic, team player with an exemplary work ethic and organizational skills.  Since customer interaction is required, the Sales associate must enjoy working with people and possess excellent customer relationship skills.
The sales assistant is expected to support the order from order entry to shipment to ensure customer satisfaction and order quality. Duties will include the following:
1)        Order entry with ProfitMaker software.  Make sure order write-ups given by sales team are accurate: check cost, item number and color on vendor’s website, confirm imprint method, profit margin.
2)        Coordinating input to orders.  Ensure order has usable artwork and delivery date can be met.  Place orders with vendor, verify costs on order acknowledgement from vendor and follow up on delivery with vendor on status of order.
3)        Ensuring quality artwork for orders.  Tasks may include adding copy to art, manipulating artwork, check art for PMS colors, select thread colors so brand identity is upheld, support customers that need quality art work by working with them to create new, usable artwork.
4)        Fielding customer questions on order or product information
5)        Maintain good relationships with vendors and customers so issues can be solved effectively
6)        Working with sales team to resolve issues.
7)        Support sales and marketing efforts through creating email blasts and mailers to prospective customers.
8)        Ensure accuracy of information on vendor and customer masters in ordering tool.
 Knowledge and skills required:
1)        Prior experience in sales support or customer service role.
2)        Excellent computer skills to include Microsoft Office
3)        Accuracy and attention to detail
4)        Ability to identify and resolve issues
 Education: BA or BS Graduate degree Business or Marketing
 Office Based.  Hours Monday – Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm
 Location:  Proximity of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard ( Hwy 141 ) and Peachtree Corners Road Norcross, Ga
 Please send email to   No phone calls.
Thanks to my Berean Cousin Ms. Bobbie for this one!
Interested applicants, please visit to apply and call
770-256-6980 to follow up.Manpower has immediate openings for Loan Documentation Specialists for a
great company in Alpharetta!We are looking for financial professionals with at least 6 months of hands
on experience with loans. Have you worked in Document prep or Loan Document
review? Have you ever worked with deeds, notes, or in post-closing? This
could be the job for you!Qualified candidates will have worked in loan documentation for at least 6
months and be up-to-date on the most current laws and regulations.

Day-to-day, this position will involve the following:

Support the commercial and consumer loan areas for each affiliate bank.
Incumbents will have primary responsibility for specific application(s), as
described below and conferring with the more experienced loan documentation
specialist and/or supervisor when questions arise. Responsibility will
include functional use of these applications in order to support the
commercial and consumer loan areas for each affiliate bank. Knowledge of
commercial lending practices, compliance and documentation PC/Windows
knowledge. Functional experience in various software and Mainframe systems.
The ability to handle issues/problems that are basic and routine, develops a
general understanding of systems and products. Remain up to date on
documentation regulatory and lien perfection requirements in order to ensure
loan quality. High School Diploma or Equivalent. Criminal Background check
will be required upon offer of employment. The position is Monday-Friday,
1st shift (normally 8a-5p), and pays $12.50-$15.00/hourly.

These positions are available immediately – apply today!

Thanks to The Beautiful One for this info!  Atlanta on the Cheap always has great info on FREE stuff and discounts!
If you’re looking for a hairstylist that does great styles and braids with a natural, call Dora!  She just did my braids a few days ago!  Please check out her link:
Congrats to My Berean Cousin and Fellow Deacon Lynn Sims on Your New Venture!
 Attached is our Pure Holiday menu at Pure Blend! Please take a look at your convenience. All menu itmems are scratch made and fresh! Many of you are familar with our healthier concept. Our Pure Holiday menu utilizes traditional ingredients such as organic butter, sugar or raw sugar. Thanks for any consideration!
 Happy Holiday Season to you and yours!
 Have a great day!
 Lynn Sims
Owner / Operator
If you’re like me and need some rest and relaxation?  Why don’t you think about Danita’s Heavenly Skin and Spa.  She is located at the Kerwin B. Lee Family Life Center (678-518-1681) which is on the grounds of my church Berean Christian Church!  She is offering a $40 Mini-Makeover as well as Body Wraps that are 4 for $99.  You may need that to get in that sassy holiday dress for the never ending parties!  Please click on or
Congrats to My Berean Cousin and Fellow Deacon Betty Scott on Your Awesome Adventures!

Dear Friends, colleagues and family members:


They say no one else can tell your story like you can so let us take this opportunity to share our entrepreneurial journey:



      Our Passion

      Hospitality –



            Our Talent:    

            Professional Organizer –


                  Our Skill:

                  Sales Coach & Trainer –



We would love for you to stop by and visit our 3 new websites above. While there, feel free to leave a comment or two. Refer us to your friends and keep us in mind.


Thanks for your outstanding support throughout the years.



Betty Scott,

Let’s Talk Sales …

Sales Coach 2



Cell: 646-250-8103 (USA): 647-933-4724 (CDA)


DeKalb County Schools are Recruiting Bus Drivers until November 15!

Please click on this link below:



$50 Cash in Your Account Today!

BB & T @ Work Program

Stonecrest Location ONLY


Greetings Friends and Family!  I spoke with Art Crutcher, the manager at BB& T at 8190 Mall Parkway, Lithonia, GA 30038.  He has an awesome program that is good only at the Stonecrest Location!  Firstly, the will place $50 cash into your account on the day that you open it as long as you will be using Direct Deposit!  How Cool is That!  Here are other program Highlights!

·         Monthly Maintenance Fee Waived

·         Free BB&T OnLine Banking w/Bill Pay

·         FREE First Order of Checks

·         Regular savings account with no minimum balance requirement

·         Interest rate discount on auto and home equity loans

·         Special Offer for Students under 24 years of age

·         Plus much more

Please note: FREE Plus package benefit or cash equivalent at account opening.  The account must be opened at Stonecrest branch to receive cash equivalent.  Please go in to see him today!  He can be reached at 770.484.2001.


Thanks to Congressman Hank Johnson for this info!


UPCOMING JOBS FAIRS: On Nov. 8, military veterans seeking work will have a chance to shop their skills at a job fair in Atlanta that will feature more than 300 employers. For more, click HERE.

NATIVE AMERICAN MUSEUM GRANTS: The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) is accepting applications for the Native American/Native Hawaiian Museum Services grant program. The new deadline is January 15, 2013.

Museum and Library personnel are invited to participate in a web conference to learn more about the program on Thursday, November 15, from 3-4 p.m. EST. ClickHERE for more information about this funding opportunity, including program guidelines, contacts, and Webinar access information.

HIGHER EDS’ HIGHER PURPOSE: I’m pleased to announce an opportunity for colleges and universities in the Fourth District to receive recognition for their achievements in community service. The President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll annually awards honors in two categories: (1) General Community Service and (2) Special Focus Area, which includes projects related to three priorities in education and innovation. The deadline for applications is November 29, 2012. For more, click HERE.

NATIONAL CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTING: The National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony will be held on Thursday, Dec. 6, at 5 p.m. EST on the Ellipse in Washington. Tickets for the general public will be awarded via an online lottery.Registration for the lottery closes at 10 a.m. EST on Monday, Oct. 29. Lottery winners will be notified via email by Thursday, Nov. 1. For those who do not have access to a computer, please call 877-444-6777 (TDD 877-833-6777) to enter the lottery.


Thanks Ms. Bobbie for this one for Goodwill Industries Skills Instructor


Thanks Ms. Bobbie for this one!

Please answer the questions below and send with your resume in MSWord “doc” format
Web Portal & Content Manager w/Oracle Project Manager/Business Analyst positions – Atlanta Metro Area
C#.NET 3.5 Framework (MCP)/C#.NET 2.0/C# 1.1 Framework (MCP)
C#.NET for Web (MCP)/ASP.NET (MCP)
C#.NET XML Web Services (MCP) and C#.NET WCF Services
C#.NET for Windows (MCP)
C# ADO.NET 3.5AJAX Control Toolkit/AJAX
Java and JavaScript
Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)Visual Studio .NET 2010/2008
Visual Studio .NET 2005/2003Specialties

Systems Integration, Online Financial Systems, Offshore life assurance, Corporate Services, Professional support of legacy systems, Database performance tuning, .NET performance tuning, Business analysis, Trust, Investments, Trust and Company, User Experience (UX) Design
Actuarial calculations, Banking, Utility billing, Customer services, Insurance, Risk Management, Systems Analysis, Training, Incident and Problem Management, ITIL
·        Responsible for management of the entire project lifecycle from project definition/scope through implementation. Develop project plan and drive project milestones.
·        Estimate the scope of work to develop budgets and facilitate resourcing decisions.
·        Perform functional analysis, document requirements and develop use cases.
·        Develop test cases and oversee the QA process.
·        Employ project management methodologies and tools, such as MS Project to deliver projects on time, at/under budget and within scope.
Identify, coordinate, and manage resources and key stakeholders for project. Ensure effective change management occurs throughout the course of the project.
Manage all communication plans, training and documentation. Communicate project status to all stakeholders on a regular basis throughout the lifecycle of the project.
Required Qualifications:
  • Experience with Oracle technologies such as Stellent/UCM, WCI or IPM
  • Minimum 3-5 years of project management experience.
  • Experience in managing full lifecycle web based application development projects
  • Expert knowledge of MS Project, Excel (Pivot Tables), MS Word and Visio.
  • Excellent oral and written communications
  • Interpersonal, negotiation, project planning, judgment, leadership, decision-making, analysis and problem-solving skills.
  • PMP certification and Bachelor’s degree required from an accredited institution
  • 5 or more years experience required in Information Systems/Technology (IS/IT)
No agencies please. 
Thank you so much for your interest!
I would love to forward your credentials to the next level, but in order to do so…
Please write back with your availability to interview and to start, the reason you are leaving your present situation OR the reason for leaving your last position, along with your minimum Hourly Contract Rate (or range)  and  the status of your eligibility to work in the United States?
** Where do you live NOW and is your location commutable to anywhere in Atlanta metro area?
Also, write back with the following:
SUBMIT the number of years of experience /brief explanation of that specific experience in each of the following:
  • Experience with Oracle technologies such as Stellent/UCM, WCI or IPM
·        Industry Experience (which ones? How long?)
  • PMI Certification (how long?)     
  • Experience as a Manager of Business Analysts (how many? How long? Where?)  
·        Experience as Project Manager
·        Experience as PROGRAM Manager       
  • BPM
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Enterprise Portal
  • Web Strategy
·       Local candidates only
·        Experience working with Transformation/Change Management (give 2 examples)
·        Experience with Process Improvement (give 2 examples)
·        Managerial experience (largest number supervised and where)       
·        Experience managing off-shore consulting resources (largest # supervised & where)
·        Root Cause Analysis
·        Budgeting (largest budget managed by you and where)
·        Previous experience with a Big 4 (which ones? how long?)
·        Six Sigma experience         
·        Methodologies  (Agile or others)
Please answer the questions above and send with your resume in MSWord “doc” format to:
Ruthie Powell
Senior Sourcer/Recruiter
The Ruthie List is an 15 year old list of over 10,000 members, made up of ONLY Recruiters and Human Resources professionals who are primarily located in ATLANTA, GA, and who are interested in helping one another!
Send me an invitation for to join my network. – I have over 15,000 1st Level Connections!
And this one too Ms. Bobbie!
Business Analyst w/Web Portal Initiatives position- 6 month contract – Atlanta/Perimeter Mall area
Email resumes to:  
Title: Business Analyst – Web Portal
Location: Atlanta, GA/Perimeter Mall area
Type: 6+ Month ContractCCCi has an immediate opportunity for a Business Analyst with a strong understanding of the software development lifecycle, specific to Web Portal development. Our client is at the beginning of building a new Customer Experience Portal, and is looking for a strong senior Business Analyst who has solid knowledge of this type of product / initiative.Key Responsibilities
– Elicit business requirements from our clients’ business community
– Translate into system requirements, working in conjunction with internal IT personnel
– Document business requirements
– Produce functional design specifications
– Document system / SIT / UAT test scripts / cases
– Document discussions and meeting notes from requirement sessionsBasic Requirements
– Strong history of Business Analysis working with Web Portal initiatives
– 5 to 7 years of experience in a Business Analyst role, working with the SDLC
– Good experience / knowledge in developing user interfaces, taking direction from the technical lead
– Excellent communication skills
– Excellent documentation skills
– Knowledge of both Agile & Waterfall methodologies
– Strong knowledge of Visio
– Strong analytical skills.
– Develops detailed business user requirements, system documentation, and workflow procedures
– Negotiates plans, time frames and trade-offs while ensuring client understands the final results of the project
– Produces reports, timelines, and graphics using advanced functions of a personal computer.
– Creates reports from existing client databases to satisfy user requests, data sampling, project analysis, or testing verification.
– Build effective relationships with business units to develop a joint vision.
– Works together with Consultants and Project Managers to ensure the client’s business needs have been met
– Well-developed communication skills, oral and written
– Good analytical and negotiation skills with close attention to detail

Preferred Requirements
– Preferred experience in CMMi process traditional methodologies and settings
– Experience in Healthcare industry preferred, but not necessary
– Relationship with IIBA or CBAP Certification preferred
– PMP Certification or working knowledge of PMBOK methodology

– Ability to travel up to 10% (may require some overnight)
– Any offer of employment is contingent upon the successful completion of a comprehensive background check and drug screen
– Candidates local to Atlanta, GA are strongly preferred, but will consider candidates outside of these areas if able to be onsite 4 days per week at the client location.

Please send resume to
Roswell CPA firm looking for a full-charge bookkeeper with a strong
knowledge of Quick Books, MS Word and Excel to work full time. Needs to
be organized, detailed, and have good communication skills.Responsibilities:
Full-charge bookkeeping for multiple clients using Quick Books, both in
the office and at client’s office.
Payroll – calculation/preparation of payroll tax deposits, quarterly and
annual payroll tax reports.
Sales Tax – calculation/preparation of monthly sales and use tax
Annual preparation of forms 1099s and W-2s.
Annual preparation of Business Personal Property Tax reports.
Respond to client requests for bookkeeping, sales tax, and payroll
Assist CPAs with work paper preparation and organization of tax records
for clients, as needed.Income tax preparation skills are a plus.Compensation will depend on experience.

We are McDonnell Group.  We are a leading strategic marketing firm dedicated to positioning, protecting, and propelling our clients forward in an ever-changing global marketplace.
We are boutique firm, based in Atlanta, focused solely on the dynamic energy industry, from renewable generation to smart meters and everything in between.
We combine deep industry expertise, actionable information, innovative approach, and creative delivery to build our clients’ brands, offerings, relevance, and bottom lines.
We are passionate about advancing both our clients’ businesses and our industry.
We believe in making a difference and in the transformative power of marketing at its best.
We are also committed to giving back, and do so by donating our services to worthy causes:  Goshen Valley Boys Ranch, Atlanta Gas Light’s H.E.A.T program, and Living With It.
But enough about us; let’s talk about you.
We are looking for an energetic, creative, organized individual to join our marketing & public relations teams to assist, coordinate, and implement dynamic integrated marketing communications programs for our growing client base, and for McDonnell Group itself. The Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator is an entry-level position that works within the Strategic Marketing Department and will coordinate with all team members to ensure smooth running of the division in daily tasks.
The right candidate will have the ability to understand the complex technologies of our clients and supervise strategic marketing initiatives on their behalf, will be an enthusiastic self-starter, and will be able to work in a self-directed and self-motivated way.  The position requires strong writing, organizational, and administrative skills and is based in our Roswell, GA office.
No relocation assistance provided and local candidates are preferred.
•             Assist in day-to-day coordination of marketing and public relations programs.
•             Assist in all account administration:  press clippings, building/maintaining the CRM database, monthly reports, review of invoices vs. scope of work.
•             Assist team in researching promotional opportunities by arranging speaking engagements; managing press announcements and informational sessions; arranging analyst briefings, arranging special events.
•             Process inbound media requests
•             Assist in event coordination for press and marketing events
•             Assist in marketing collateral creation
•             Update company and client websites with dynamic, relevant content
•             Execute and support integrated marketing programs, including social media, online, & print programs.
1.            College graduate with practical agency internship experience.
2.            Impeccable organization and multi-tasking skills
3.            Strong work ethic, sense of accountability, and attention to detail
4.            Independent self-starter who wants to be a high impact team player where teamwork, fun, and a flat organization focused squarely on client satisfaction, service value, and exceptional work results are the priority.
5.            Outgoing personality with strong interpersonal skills and excellent customer focus.
6.            Ability to adjust to a variety of situations and personalities and be willing to go above and beyond the call of duty in order to complete a project accurately and on time.
7.            Reasonable understanding and comfort level with IT technology strongly preferred.
8.            Degree in Marketing, Public Relations, Communications, or Journalism required withdigital media and/or some technical aptitude an additional plus.
9.            Excellent writing with proven ability to research topics, interview end customers and generate original content for clients on technical and technology related topics.
10.         Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Internet, and Social Media a must.  Experience with Adobe Creative Suite a strong plus.
McDonnell Group offers competitive wages and benefits including health care and paid time off.  McDonnell Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
We regret that we are unable to reply personally to each applicant for this position due to the volume of submissions.
However, your resume and information will be reviewed and if a potential match may be determined, we will contact you to discuss next steps in the process.
Please, no phone calls, unsolicited resumes or agency requests.
Thank you for considering a career at McDonnell Group.
Please forward a copy of your most recent, updated resume along with a cover letter that includes your most recent salary history and salary requirements to
          141 PRYOR STREET, SUITE 3030, ATLANTA, GA 30303
                               DIRECTOR OF HUMAN SERVICES/HOUSING          TITLE CODE: 909022
  SALARY RANGE: E83   $100,921 – $163,494
Valid State of Georgia Driver’s License or proof of mobility equivalent may be requested. 
Application must document that the applicant possesses the minimum knowledge, skills, education and experience as listed to be qualified. If selected, an official, accredited college transcript is required, at time of employment, for all degrees/course work used to qualify for this position.
online application which is available on the county’s web site, http://www., and completed fulton county application forms will be accepted at the personnel dept., 141 pryor st., suite 3030, atlanta, georgia  30303.  All applications must be completed in full before they are submitted. Please review all applications for accuracy and make all corrections before submittal because errors can result in not meeting the minimum qualifications. Additional information will not be accepted after applications are received by the Personnel Department.
NOVEMBER 15, 2012
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Thanks so much for your time everyone and have a great week!

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