February Leslie’s Lane: Jobs, FREE Prescriptions, FREE Stuff, Half Off Restaurants, Discounts, Etc.‏


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How are you?  I trust that you are having a great day!!  Can you believe that February is here already?  I trust that you enjoy the month of love and find everything in February Leslie’s Lane helpful and useful to you!  The information is very short.  But it is oh so SWEET!  Thank you so very much and have a great week!
Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Have you ever wanted to travel the world?  What about traveling the world for FREE?  It’s possible if you can land a gig in the travel industry! Check out this exciting career!
Smokey Robinson says I love it when we’re Cruisin’ together! – Jobs in the Cruise Industry!
Jobs with the Tourism and Visitors Bureau
As many of your know, my daughter Antasha whom I affectionately call The Beautiful One, is a flight attendant!  I love her job!  Not only does she fly nationally for FREE and internationally practically FREE, her parents do to!  What’s even better is that she works for a regional airline called ExpressJet.  They fly for American, Delta and United!  What does that mean?  Her parents fly for FREE on American, Delta and United!  Please check out the jobs below!
The best should be working with the best! Find out about how to work at exclusive Hotels and Resorts.
FREE Medications from select stores and vendors
Thanks to The Beautiful One – my daughter Antasha – for this one!  You can get free antibiotics, high blood pressure medicine and diabetes medication from Publix!  How cool is that!
Check out this list of stores that offer FREE and Low Cost Prescriptions!
FREE Self Defense Class on Sundays at 4:00 p.m.
Take lessons from the Master!  Master Adrian Spellen is a world class athlete in Tae Kwon Do and is an awesome personal trainer!  He is offering FREE Self Defense Classes every Sunday at 4:00 p.m.  They are held at Don Janelles, 4457 Covington Highway, Decatur, GA.    — A role playing scenario based class designed to emulate real life situations and ways to handle them. This is an ongoing class that covers fears, myths, and realities of physical assaults, preventative and escape techniques, and understanding your power. This class is very informative and empowering. So bring comfortable clothing and be ready to be empowered.  If you do not live in the metro Atlanta area, Google free sessions of this nature in your area!
HalfOffDepot – This is, without a doubt, my favorite websites for discounted restaurants, services and items!  You will absolutely love it!
Groupon is a good discount site too!
Scoutmob – I love this one!  You can find restaurants for half off with some with completely 100% FREE offers!  The coolest thing about this is that you pull out your phone and it will locate restaurants precisely where you are!  You don’t have to purchase certificates in advance!
Savingstar – I used this to get discounts on my grocery and pharmacy purchases
CVS.com and Walgreen’s
Please sign up for their rewards program.  It will be worth it to you!  They give really good coupons and discounts!

John Coltrane: the Beauty of Struggle

Wednesday, February 5. 11:00 a.m

Unlike most great jazz musicians of his era, John Coltrane fought for every opportunity – often with himself. His stardom came late in his career, and he suffered many setbacks.  Yet, through all his struggles, he eventually discovered the most beautiful music in jazz history. Join us as we chronicle his early struggles, his redemption, and shed light on the meaning of his music, including such works as “A Love Supreme” and “Giant Steps.”
Central Library, a part of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System

One Margaret Mitchell Square, Atlanta 30303

For information call 404.730.1875


Say Happy Valentine’s with a Personalized Hand Made Card

Friday, February 7. 11:00 a.m

A card from the heart can say exactly what you’re thinking. Once that special someone sees that you took the time to make it, their heart will really belong to you. Join Chanda Brock of Design Plus Me as she assists attendees in making a card that will forever be a keepsake.  Please bring a personal photo if you would like to include one in the card.

Central Library, a part of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System

One Margaret Mitchell Square, Atlanta 30303




Joia Ellis-Dinkins

Librarian, Adult Programming & Outreach Services Department

Atlanta Fulton Public Library System

Central Branch

One Margaret Mitchell Square

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Phone: 404.730.1875

Efax: 404.224.1248

Email: joia.ellis-dinkins@fultoncountyga.gov

I get newsletters from several elected officials.  The information sent in my Representative Rahn Mayo is just so very helpful!  He always provides information that will help his constituents!  I like that!  It’s nice to know what is being discussed while representatives are in session.  But it is extra nice for you to share how you can ease the pain of others by providing great resources!
He tells you how to get Social Services! – http://www.benefits.gov/
He tells you how to get FREE Medicines! – http://www.pparx.org
He tells you about help for Uninsured/Underinsured! – https://www.phahelps.com/pages/misc/Default.aspx
Leslie’s Leisure – An Awesome Subsection of Leslie’s Lane!
Country Inn and Suites – 30% off!  This is a great deal!
Save 30% on your stay when you book select hotels at countryinns.com by February 10, 2014 and stay during specific dates between February 21 and May 3, 2014.Find participating hotels in your favorite travel destinations now:

Send FREE Invitations for Your Super Bowl Game and check out recipe ideas
  • Hillshire Farm presents creative party ideas for the Big Game!‏

Ladies and Gents, please check out previous blog entries of Leslie’s Lane! You will find that if has information that is still helpful and useful to you today!  Whether it’s jobs, FREE Stuff and discounts!  Thanks and enjoy!
————————————————————————————————————–“2014 Is Your Year & Your Gift Looks Good On You!”

Jobs, FREE Stuff, Discounts – https://leslieslane.wordpress.com/
Order Chick-fil-A 24 Hours A Day! –   http://www.chick-fil-a.com/turnerhillroad

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