September Leslie’s Lane: How Business Owners Can Save and Make Money! Just Dream Fearlessly!

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How are you?  I trust that you and your families are doing well!  I don’t think many of you know that I write for a wonderful company called American Family Insurance! It has an online publication and resource called Dream Fearlessly!  I am a freelancer for the online pub.  I write articles that show small business owners how to make money and save money!  Now you know I love that!  For August Leslie’s Lane, I decided to share those articles with you!  Please check out the links below! (Some of them have my name on them and some don’t!  But don’t worry!  It’s me!!!!)  Please feel free to forward the links to individuals that might find the articles helpful!
Thanks and have a wonderful day!
How to Create a Landing Page
Share Your Expertise and Boost Your Sales
How to Reduce Costs with the Internet of Things
Can You Deduct Your Social Media Costs?
Cutting Edge Marketing Strategies to Attract New Business
Leslie E. Royal is an international freelance journalist and travel writer.  Her articles have appeared in WSJ, Dow Jones Newswires, FORTUNE, ESSENCE, upscale, Dream Fearlessly and many online resources.  She is the creator of Leslie’s Lane Blog.  Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @LesliesLane.

About Leslie's Lane

Leslie E. Royal is an international freelance writer, global travel journalist, product review expert and social media influencer. Her articles have appeared in numerous publications including: Upscale,, ESSENCE,, Black Enterprise,, and The Wall Street Journal. She is the creator of the Leslie’s Lane consumer information blog and author of two books. Follow her on social media at @LesliesLane.
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