Are Your Ready for Love & Success? It’s Manifest Monday with The AMAZING Charreah K. Jackson!

Manifest Monday Eclipse

Greetings Beautiful Family and Friends!

How are you? I trust that you are having a great day! I read this wonderful letter from my AWESOME editor at ESSENCE magazine and had to share it with you! It’s rare that I share a  post from others in its entirety! But I asked Charreah if I could share this one. She gave me permission to do so! She is such an inspiration to me! I wanted to share her great post because she is ALL THAT and is an incredible journalist and editor! But… her third paragraph really compelled me to spread the great news!  Charreah is a genuinely kind, encouraging and supportive person! She lives out the adage, “to whom much is given, much is expected.” She is one of my role models and mentors.

Ladies, I would like to encourage you to become a member of her Boss Bride Tribe. I am a part of the group and we encourage and lift each other up daily. We believe in EXCELLENCE and wake up each morning giving life our best! We APPLAUD visionaries and individuals that have a dream of doing something that has never been done before.  We support our sisters that are committed to family, friends and relationships. If you need a pat on the back or a word of encouragement, just post a note on the Facebook page and someone is sure to respond with a sage advice and a kind word to sooth your spirit. Further, if you are ready for love and success, she’ll share how to get her FREE workbook called “Happily Ever Now”.  Follow her  @Charreah inspiration, advice and more. Please enjoy her letter and have a wonderful week!


Leslie E. Royal


Happy Monday!

It’s an eventful day with a solar eclipse (be safe out there – and intentional with your thoughts. Whatever we are experiencing is heightened) And it’s also my shoulder’s anniversary!

Let me explain: it’s the one month anniversary of the summer’s hit film Girls Trip which follows four friends on their hilarious trip to ESSENCE Festival. It is the first comedy of the year to cross $100 million! When I saw the film’s writer/director Malcolm D. Lee and producer Will Packer last year while they were filming I had to say hello (and tell Malcolm I was still mad at that Best Man Holiday’s plot twist).

And when I went on stage to interview Morris Chestnut and the cast of Rosewood, there was Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish in the front row watching little ole me as the cameras rolled. If you look closely in the film you will see me interviewing Ne-Yo and Morris. It’s a brief second and filmed from behind us so you see shoulders. Because it was so quick and shoulders, I didn’t really mention it much. But over the last month that I’ve had so many people mention seeing me in the film and it checked me. IT WAS ENOUGH! I AM ENOUGH! I am credited in the hit film and listed as an actress on Fandango and IMDB – all with a few seconds of a shoulder.

I had to share my news so that you give yourself more credit too! The small wins count too. What can you celebrate yourself for and how can I celebrate you? Let me know. And if you want more love & success this summer, grab my FREE workbook: Happily Ever Now: Powerful women, you are also invited to join our Boss Bride Tribe to keep you inspired at where every Winsday we celebrate ourselves.

. . . And if you are planning to head to ESSENCE Festival, you can start booking now.! 

Sending you love for a powerful week and remember to give yourself some credit!

Celebrate yourself,



About Leslie's Lane

Leslie E. Royal is an author, international freelance journalist, product review expert, social media influencer, global travel writer, speaker, media consultant and strategist. Her articles have appeared in numerous publications including: AAA Southern Traveler, ESSENCE,, Upscale, Upscale Living, The Ashro Blog,, Black Enterprise,, The Travel Bags with Annita Blog, and The Wall Street Journal. She is creator of the Leslie’s Lane consumer information brand and has penned two books: How to Write and Self-Publish Your Book for FREE with Amazon’s CreateSpace (Amazon $9.95) and Leslie’s Lane The Book! Your One Stop Internet Resource Guide to Links for Jobs, Inspiration, Discounts, FREE Stuff, Scholarships, Travel and More! (Amazon $14.95). Just click on this link to order the books: Follow her on social media at @LesliesLane.
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