Presenting… The 2018 Leslie’s Lane Travel & Holiday Gift Guide Trilogy EXCLUSIVE!

Christmas Presents

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Greetings Beautiful Family and Friends! 😊

How are you?  I trust that you are having a wonderful day! As a product review expert, I compile guides and roundups quarterly. This year, I am pleased to share that I have written an EXCLUSIVE trilogy of holiday gift guides. My Leslie’s Lane brand has partnered with two extraordinary, global digital publications having their fingertips on the pulse of contemporary society. The first two EXCLUSIVES appeared in Upscale Living Magazine. The Travel Bags with Annita Blog featured an EXCLUSIVE holiday travel guide in the third instalment of my Trilogy. Click on the links below to view them all. Plus, I have added a few cool sidebars from experts as well as past links to my product reviews over the last year or so! Please enjoy! Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!



 Links to The 2018 Leslie’s Lane Holiday Gift Guide Trilogy EXCLUSIVE

 Volume I – Upscale Living Magazine
12 Luxury Christmas Presents You’ll Adore: An EXCLUSIVE Holiday Gift Guide

Volume II – Upscale Living Magazine
An EXCLUSIVE: 12 Ways to Express Your Holiday Love
with DIY Luxury Gift Baskets, Delicious Delivery Edibles and Specialty Sets

Volume III – Travel Bags with Annita Blog
50 Uniquely Awesome Holiday Gifts for The Special Traveler


Q & A with Over & B’yond Events on Selecting The Perfect Holiday Gifts

Holiday Travel Intro Photo

Courtesy of  Bernadette Birch of Over & B’yond Events

Throughout my research for the Holiday Gift Guide Trilogy, I queried Bernadette Birch, owner of a boutique company called Over & B’yond Events, on her thoughts on how to select the perfect budget-friendly gift as well as splurging options for this holiday season. Birch’s company specializes in creating unforgettable memories and from-dream-to-reality experiences for individuals and corporations. For more tips and info, Follow her on Instagram at @overandbyondevents. Visit her website:

Question: Why is it important to select budget-friendly items that are unique?

Answer: You can find valuable items that are different for less.  I always recommend finding a few budget-friendly items to mix in with higher priced items to make your gift special and diverse.

Question: Why is it okay to splurge this one time of year on two or three hundred-dollar gifts?

Answer: It is okay to splurge because the holidays are about celebrating with family and friends. Expressing your love for others with gifts show your appreciation. But on the other hand, if you can shop early to find better deals it will be a win-win for everyone.

Question: Why is it important to get gifts that your loved one will like and enjoy?

Answer: It is important to select gifts that they will enjoy because it shows your loved ones that you care and you know exactly what they like.  You want them to be happy, appreciative and to utilize the items versus re-gifting for another occasion .

Question: Are there more tips you would like to share?

Answer: I am an off-season shopper. I try to look for good finds for less money.  If there are specific items that are popular during the holiday season, I would advise doing research to make sure the item is still in stock or on sale before making your final purchase.


Three Costly Mistakes Travelers Make During the Holiday Season


Photo by and Compliments of Erik Odiin on Unsplash

By Calvin Iverson

  1. Over packing – it can lead to checking your bags which is time consuming and expensive.
  2. Not planning ahead – Avoid paying airport prices by bringing your own snacks, empty water bottle and a pre-loaded iPad.
  3. Not Considering Effect Weather Has on Flights  – Fly direct to avoid being stranded during a layover due to weather.

Calvin Iverson is a travel expert at TravelPirates. Follow the company on Instagram @travelpirates. Get valuable information from their Facebook page too. Facebook page

Fischer and Wieser Christmas

Jellies and Sauces from Fischer & Wieser make great gifts! Check out


8 Links to Even More Gifts to Consider from Leslie’s Past Product Reviews


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