Amtrak Unveils Amazing BOGO Free Offer on Roomettes and Bedrooms! But Reserve Your WONDERFUL Rail Experience Now! The Sale Ends June 10, 2019


Greetings Family and Friends! 😊

How are you? I trust that you are having a great day! As many of you know, I am a global travel journalist and I love traveling the world! But did you know that I have never been on Amtrak? My hubby Tony and I have always said that we wanted to take a train ride!  Well… we will do so quite soon!

Amtrak has just offered a limited-time summer sale!  If you buy one sleeping accommodation such as a roomette or bedroom, your companion rides with you for FREE! How cool is that? Well… my hubby and I took advantage of this offer! He bought the ticket and I’m his plus one! This just keeps getting better! Meals are included in the price of the ticket!

In your private room, you’ll relax in your seats by day as you behold the beautiful landscapes of America.  Late into the evening, your chairs convert into beds for a night of calming rest. You can purchase your tickets between June 4 – 10, 2019 on . It is valid for travel from August 1, 2019 through March 31, 2020.

“We believe that the journey is part of the adventure. Recognizing the need to get more out of every moment, we wanted to offer our customers a truly unique way to experience the country this summer,” said Amtrak President and CEO Richard Anderson. “With our sleeper sale, customers can share the experience while taking in some of the best views and sightseeing opportunities the United States has to offer.”

For more info on the newest state-of-the-art lines, exclusive lounges, special perks, the New Generation Acela Express, a romantic getaway, exciting landscapes, the most scenic routes, and things of that nature, please check out the links below! Thanks, and enjoy your week!


Leslie E. Royal is an author, international freelance writer, product review expert, social media influencer, and global travel journalist. Her articles have appeared in numerous publications including: ESSENCE, Black Enterprise,, AAA Southern Traveler, Upscale, Upscale Living, The Ashro Blog, and Travel Bags with Annita. She is the creator of the Leslie’s Lane consumer information blog and author of:  Leslie Lane The Book!: Your One Stop Internet Resource Guide to Links for Jobs, Inspiration, Discounts, FREE Stuff, Scholarships, Travel & More ( $14.95) – How to Write and Self-Publish Your Book for FREE with Amazon’s KDP: An Easy Way to Complete Your Manuscript in Seven Stress-Free Steps (Leslie’s Lane Inc.) ($9.95) Follow Leslie! Instagram and Amazon Author page

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Leslie E. Royal is an author, international freelance journalist, product review expert, social media influencer, global travel writer, speaker, media consultant and strategist. Her articles have appeared in numerous publications including: AAA Southern Traveler, ESSENCE,, Upscale, Upscale Living, The Ashro Blog,, Black Enterprise,, The Travel Bags with Annita Blog, and The Wall Street Journal. She is creator of the Leslie’s Lane consumer information brand and has penned two books: How to Write and Self-Publish Your Book for FREE with Amazon’s CreateSpace (Amazon $9.95) and Leslie’s Lane The Book! Your One Stop Internet Resource Guide to Links for Jobs, Inspiration, Discounts, FREE Stuff, Scholarships, Travel and More! (Amazon $14.95). Just click on this link to order the books: Follow her on social media at @LesliesLane.
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